Nature Pings

Flanders Moss NNR


I saw an adder yesterday on Flanders. I was a bit of a surprise as it had just  rained heavily and was still drizzling a bit. Because of this, the snake was cold and sluggish and was in no hurry to move hence me nearly treading on it. But seeing an adder is always exciting and good for the circulation (makes the heart beat faster!), it is like a ‘ping’ going off and instantly makes your day better.

Nature can do that to you. A bit of a ‘ping’ in the brain when you see something and it can brighten your day. The more ‘pings’ the better your day. I am lucky as in the job I do I get a fair few ‘pings’ some days but I try not to take any of it for granted.

And bogs are good for pings, Flanders Moss being one of the best and most accessible. We don’t have anything that produces big ‘pings’ like charismatic mega fauna, or seabirds or whales or dolphins. But with a bit of looking there are plenty of ‘pings’ to be had wandering around the boardwalk. Sundews  -‘ping’, lizards – ‘pings’, beautifully contoured and coloured sphagnums – ‘ping’, shiny new cranberries on the bog surface – ‘ping’,  dragonflies – ‘ping’!


There is increasing evidence that nature can make you feel better and those ‘pings’ are good for you. Another reason to spend a bit of time at Flanders Moss ?

More on the SNH’s Natural Health Service action programme here –  Natural Health Service.

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