5 Things to look out for at Flanders Moss in September

Flanders Moss NNR


September can be a great time to visit Flanders Moss. If you do go down to the reserve here are some things to look out for:

1. Lizards

Common lizards of all sizes are on the boardwalk as soon as the sun comes out. They are busy eating flies to fill up before the start hibernating towards the end of the month onwards. If you walk slow and quietly you can get really quite close, close enough to see the variation in markings.


2. The View

Once you are at Flanders it is worth stopping and taking in the view. It is surrounded by mountains and hills with the bulk of Ben Lomond dominating your eye to the west. Stop on the viewing tower or take a seat and soak it up.


3. The Mosses – sphagnum and Polytrichum

Well, you can’t go for a walk without looking at the mosses. The sphagnum are such an important plant in holding water onto the moss but are also just beautiful to look at.

And the green Polytrichum mosses are like minute forests in themselves.


4. Beasties on the boardwalk

Careful where you walk. At this time of year the big fluffy caterpillars, mostly fox moths and northern eggers, are on the march. Some are so big you can trip over them!


A fox moth caterpillar – they like warming themselves up on the boardwalk.


A shield bug stalking the boardwalk.

5. Leaves are changing.

Autumn is just starting and the plants know it. Some are just starting to change colour like the bracken and oak while the birch is losing leaves all ready. A close look at the leaves and you can the range of colours are the leaves close down in sections.


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