Today at Blawhorn Moss

Blawhorn Moss NNR


A lovely day at Blawhorn today. Autumn feels like it is getting under way as the colour scheme across the moss changes.

Black darters are still on the wing, at least when the sun comes out anyway, around the pools next to the boardwalk


During #ScotClimateWeek  it is good to look across the moss and see the contrasting ways of mitigating climate change. At Blawhorn we have been busy wetting up the peatland so locking up carbon and building some resilience in the bog for when the changes come. And the wind turbines on the skyline, you might love them or loathe them, but everyone likes their electronic gadgets and with an increasing demand for electric cars the electricity has to come from somewhere.


For a breath of fresh air, an escape from busy everyday life and a bit of wildness  close to central Scotland, you can’t beat Blawhorn.


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