National Poetry Day

Flanders Moss NNR


To celebrate National Poetry Day, and celebrate  what’s possibly the best bog in the country, here is a poem from Linna Monteath, written as part of the ‘Peat, People and Poetry’ project from 2009.

Flanders Moss          by Linna Monteath

From the grey of everyday

the argent and sable moth heralds

a path of black and white

among silver birch bark

and fine black sedge

crested lark heads of white climbing fumitory

four-petalled windmills of sweet woodruff

a mass demonstration of bog cotton

waving white flags

over dark pools


Seven thousand years of ice

and sea, and sea and ice

carved, scoured, washed and sanded here.

seven fathoms deep the moss now,

the standing strands of sphagnum

compacting down to peaty history

but reaching up for light

holding radiance in sea-anemone fronds.


A soft green bowl of precious, pristine world

absorbing our breath and our fumes

saving us

from the grey of everyday.


Linna Monteath



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