Capturing the wildness of Flanders Moss

Flanders Moss, NNR

In previous blog posts the moss has been likened to the Serengeti. Whilst the deer on Flanders Moss are at a record high and damaging our bog it will take time for the numbers to be controlled, but until then it is still nice to see what is happening out on the reserve when we are not there.

Recently I have placed the trail cameras out on site.  Because it was rutting season I was hoping to capture a good looking stag and I was around 99% sure to capture some footage of some deer.

When I take a picture I aim at what I am looking at and hope for the best which doesn’t always result in a decent photograph but whilst looking through the camera this time,  what I thought was a blurry photo of the deer has actually turned out to be quite creative. This photograph has not been edited in anyway shape or form. The fine detail looks like it has been water painted, all the colors are blending in nicely and I think it gives a real sense of wildness to it. Autumn has well and truly arrived winter is just around the corner.



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  1. peigimccann says:

    Bring on the lynx 🙂


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