Life within the pond

Blawhorn Moss, NNR


Not only is the reserve a special place where you can enjoy nature, it is also a special place that can be turned into a classroom, making learning more enjoyable and easier for the many that find it difficult when confined to a classroom. Blackridge primary school P6 have been visiting their local NNR to link in with their learning and this is what they had to say;

‘On Tuesday 31st October Primary 6 went to Blawhorn Moss for their second fun (and wet!) day.  We went pond dipping to learn about what kind of life there is in bogs and how it survives in its habitat. We found dragonfly larvae, lesser water boatmen, diving beetles, pond skaters and greater water boatmen.  We also saw skylarks and heard them singing.  We had little containers to put the bugs in and passed them around for everyone to see.  We played a game where we were animals and we had to remember what animal we were.  We had to find our other team members by making the animal sounds and that was the group we were in.  We used different animal calls to find our own group because that’s what animals do in real life’.



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