Students getting a grip.


Blawhorn Moss NNR

We have been doing more improvements at Blawhorn Moss, this time with the help of Countryside Management students from nearby Oatridge college.

Last Friday, on a day cold enough to lose digits, a group of students from Oatridge came out to make a start on a couple of important jobs.

Firstly, they started by fitting no-slip strips on the boardwalk to give visitors better grip on wet days. It is going to take a while as there are a lot of strips to go down but the students made an excellent start, learning how to use power tools as they went, which way up the strips go (grippy side up!) and a bit about working in teams.


They then had a go at building hand-dug peat dams on the drained bit of bog next to Blawhorn. There was a bit of competition between 2 teams to see who could build the best dam but the real test will be to see which dam is water tight once we have some rain.

For us it is excellent to see the site being used for students to learn practical skills while carrying out really useful improvement works. More work to come!


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