Unsung heroes sung

P1040849Flanders Moss NNR

The conservation work we do on Flanders is nearly always a collaboration of a group of people. SNH might appear to take the headlines in the management of the NNR but these projects are always partnerships with critical contributions from a number of people.

The bunding work at Wards of Goodie on Flanders is a good example. Building these bunds is a very skilled job. Kenny from Drumclog Plant Ltd has been doing this type of work for years, which is the equivalent of using 14 ton machine on a rice pudding, and has been involved in developing some of these special peatland restoration techniques that are used across Scotland. This type of work is only possible through Kenny’s skills and it is an education seeing the way he moving turfs and sods of peat around with the tines of his bucket and places them together like the pieces of a jigsaw.
This work is on land owned and farmed by John Montgomery with whom we have a Nature Reserve Agreement with the management of the site part of the National Nature Reserve. We have been lucky to work with John on this project as it is his openness to new ideas that has enabled us to try out this work. The aim is to make some bits of his land wetter while making other bits drier. And also to improve the grazing for both his sheep and cattle. Eventually there should be a bit of wetland of high conservation value that has a functional part of a farming unit and this will be of interest to farmers and conservationists a like.

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