Blanket of …….Ice

Flanders Moss, NNR

The reserve is looking fantastic during this cold spell: the sun in the sky is shining brightly, the mountains are topped with snow and the sphagnum pools are covered with ice, layered with a crunch in the sphagnum moss… but all visitors need to be careful on their visits to the reserve.


We have been a victim of our own success in raising the water table in the bog which surrounds the boardwalk. It has started to hold back a large amount of water, which was the aim of our work, however the water has also crept up over some parts of the surface of the boardwalk.

P1040171Due to this cold spell we are experiencing, there is ice on some areas of the boardwalk causing it to be potentially dangerous for visitors.

Over the last couple of days I have visited the reserve, smashed the ice up the best I can and issued signs to alert visitors to the danger of slipping. Whilst this is of a high priority there is no simple way of resolving this as we are at the mercy of the cold winter conditions.  The boardwalk is due to be raised to stop the water creeping onto its surface and this work will be carried out as soon as possible.

P1040174In the meantime, when you visit the reserve on a nice cold crisp winter morning, everyone is advised to take care, wear gripped shoes if possible and enjoy the landscape from the viewing tower.


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