Not only a star

Flanders Moss, NNR


Polytrichum commune (star moss)


Polytrichum commune (Star like moss) is situated around the moss in large colonies. This moss thrives in conditions where the peat bog has been disturbed and is relatively high in nutrient content. As far back as the 12th century this moss has been used to create rope. Plaiting the cords becomes very therapeutic and before you know it you have a long piece of rope.


With patience and creativity you can wind the material together sewing with a needle and thread. This pot below was created by our former Reserve Officer, Kevin.  It is impressive when you are outdoors and see this moss growing to realize how it was used historically by our ancestors as a resource – and then be able to pass that information onto the many groups and individuals who visit our reserves.


Created by Kevin McCulloch, Wildlife Management Officer SNH


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