Loch Lomond NNR

It has been cold the last few days if you haven’t noticed. So cold that today down at the Loch Lomond NNR we found the surface of Endrick Water frozen over. The river was still flowing underneath but amazingly there was a cover of ice right across the river.
And at the mouth of the Endrick where it flows into the loch itself icebergs were ‘calving’. Well, they were only small but sheets of ice were breaking off the river ice sheet (known as ‘calving’) and starting to float out into the loch. And to accompany them was the fantastic sound of all the sheets of ice chinking and grinding together and into the bank in the slight breeze and from the flow of the river. So you don’t have to go beyond the Arctic circle to see icebergs. And here at least the Titanic would be safe.



Where the ice sheet of the Endrick met the Loch



Icebergs grinding along the loch shore

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