Under the blanket

P1050174Blawhorn Moss NNR

It was pretty snowy at Blawhorn today. Everywhere else in the country has been getting it but at last some has come to West Lothian. As I went around it was very quiet with not much wildlife to see. But then this isn’t too surprising with a blanket of snow over everything. The only birds I saw were 2 fieldfares and several wrens. It gets you thinking about just how the birds survive in weather like this when their food and environment are well covered.



The fieldfares feed mainly on berries and so are not so badly off and the ones I saw were busy polishing off the last of the haws on the old hawthorns on the reserve. With the wrens each one I saw I heard first. A loud “churr” and then one would flit out from a stand of vegetation and dive into another one. With a bit of close observation I could see that they are small and compact enough to be living underneath the snow layer that is onto top of the heather and the rushes. Presumably the snow acts as a bit of an insulation and if not too thick then they can creep around underneath it feeding on insects under the snow blanket. Even in this weather there is always something interesting to see.


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1 Response to Under the blanket

  1. peigimccann says:

    70º and sunny here with fires in the south, send some of that snow our way! (love the little snowflakes drifting across the page … )


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