The greenest Christmas trees ever


Flanders Moss NNR

This week a bold group of SNH staff and volunteers headed out onto Flanders to cut what are probably some of the most environmentally friendly Christmas trees there are.

On the Moss we have a number of mature Scots pine trees that became established 50 + years ago. These trees shouldn’t be there are they are too far south to be in the natural range of Caledonian pine forest and they also damage the bog by sucking the water out of the bog which dries it out. They also produce a lot of seedlings which, if left, will grow into more pine forest which will have an even more detrimental effect on the bog.

So our work party’s job was to cut down a patch of young pine to maintain the bog habitat. And their reward for a day of hard labour was they get to keep a young pine as a free, environmentally friendly Christmas tree!  These pine make great Christmas trees because their USP is that they are the greenest Christmas trees possible!  By removing them you contribute to bog conservation, they don’t drop their needles and also you can have a bit of Flanders Moss in your living room for the season.

This glow of righteousness kept our hardy band of workers going through rubbish weather of sleat showers and while being up to their oxsters in bog. They cleared about 3 ha of bog and managed to look happy at the same time. Well, at least for some of the time.


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