Can we have more -6 days in 2018….please?

Flanders Moss, NNR

People might think I am mad when I say I’d like more days of freezing cold temperatures but after living in Canada, experiencing a temperature of -37degrees with the sun beating down, the sky being a soft light blue and that glistening sharp crispy coldness of a frost across the landscape, I couldn’t help but get up early when I knew the coldness of -degrees was going to hit. I wanted to feel that contentment in my heart, the same feeling I felt in Canada on a -37 day, taking a deep breath, filling my lungs with a sharpness of fresh air, listening to nature through my own ears, appreciating the landscape through my own eyes and using my brain to reflect on how lucky I am, and how far I have come –  but this time at Flanders Moss, from the viewing tower. On a day off, back at the office.

Flanders Moss Froozen 3Flanders Moss Froozen 1Flanders Moss Froozen 2

And I wasn’t disappointed! I arrived in darkness and watched the sunrise, the soft light in the sky appeared along with the redness of the sun blending in. Everything was crispy cold, the mountains glistened and the tower was frozen all over, making the cobwebs look like natural tinsel.

Flanders Moss Froozen 4

Flanders Moss Froozen 5

The camera trap was frozen over and it was thrilling walking over deep ditches.

Flanders Moss Froozen 6

It’s the start of a New Year: you might have made a New Year’s resolution to spend more time on yourself? So I urge you the next time you hear we are going through a cold spell, don’t stay in your bed! Set your alarm early, fill a flask up with a hot beverage and drive to your local National Nature Reserve (Flanders Moss), take a deep breath, watch the sunrise, take time for yourself and connect with Scotland’s beautiful landscape and the nature and wildlife within the land. Hopefully after sharing the experience and pictures with you, you may also wish for more -6 days?

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