Splish Splash….Stick to the path!

Flanders Moss, NNR

The temperature has risen and because of that the ice and snow has started to melt! The cold snap we had recently has passed (although after looking at this weekend’s forecast, we might encounter another -6!) and it’s not surprising that Flanders Moss is looking rather wet after de-frosting.

The rivers that surround the moss are the Forth and the Goodie Water.  Driving to the reserve I noticed their banks had been broken! Flanders Moss sits in between them both and it was exciting to see what was in store for the first reserve visit for 2018.


There was little litter and no fire works, which I was surprised with; a hopeful start for 2018! I would advise any visitors to wear wellingtons if you visit the reserve and stick to the path (I promise you its wetter and deeper off). The water table has risen and is now the same level as the aggregate path, making some of the drains  somewhat useless. So, I will be making regular visits to the reserve to do my best in maintaining what we have until a permanent solution is agreed.

P1040340P1040351The bog holds a lot of water and I am not surprised that not all of it has defrosted.  Some of the pools of water surrounding the boardwalk are still slightly frozen which means the water table will continue to rise especially with the heavy rainfall we are experiencing.



Looking into the bubbles and seeing 14 of me in the reflection would rather be helpful as for the next couple of weeks the NNR team will only be a one woman team. Dave is currently on holiday in Latin America, hopefully doing the tango and not reading the blog although he will be glad to read he is now officially stuck with me until the end of March! There are another two reserves I need to visit, so there will be little time at the desk and more time burning the extra calories off I consumed over the holidays.


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