Common Lizards

Flanders Moss, NNR

When you visit Flanders Moss during the summer months at times the boardwalk can be hoaching with common lizards basking in the sun but during the winter months it becomes rather quiet.  That is because the lizards that commandeer the boardwalk in the summer are all in hibernation in the winter, keeping warm within the tussocks.



But have you ever wondered what life is like during the hibernating months for the common lizard? Well, now you can see. When removing tree seedings by hand, the root pulled up some vegetation which exposed this critter!

Common Lizard Hibernating

It wasn’t that deep within the vegetation and it was quickly covered back up. The common lizard is fast asleep and it has that alien look about it. This of course was witnessed on another volunteer event where we are extremely thankful that people other than the staff got to witness another incredible experience out on the bog.

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