Life at Blawhorn Moss

Blawhorn Moss, NNR

Whilst I was waiting for SRUC Oatridge students to arrive at Blawhorn Moss, it gave me a chance to bird watch from the car park. There were many Blue tits flying around but I noticed this Great-spotted woodpecker, clinging on top of a tree. Apart from doing a litter pick in the car park, not much time is spent there as we drive down to the reserve so it was nice to stop, have a look and listen to what wildlife visitors may encounter as their first experience of being at Blawhorn Moss.



This is of an adult female as the crown is black with no red patch. Males have a distinctive red patch on the back of the head and young birds have a red crown. So when you visit Blawhorn Moss, NNR stop, listen and look around to see if you can spot the Great-spotted woodpecker before you walk down to the reserve.

With the help of SRUC Oatridge, the boardwalk is a work in progress.  We are applying anti slip strips and though work is ongoing, it will hopefully be completed in the upcoming months.


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