Jazz’s Snowy Adventure

Blawhorn Moss NNR


Billy Craig and his assistant, Jazz are our voluntary wardens at Blawhorn Moss. As the Stirling NNR team covers nature reserves across a 60 miles stretch of central Scotland it means that we can’t always be on-site. So we really rely on people like Billy to keep an eye on our far flung reserves. Billy lives in Blackridge and so is a vital link between the community and Blawhorn Moss and amongst the tasks he and Jazz tackle are keeping an eye on the site, litter picking, talking with visitors and even helping out when there was a fire on the reserve. Of course there are benefits in all this voluntary work – here is Billy and Jazz’s latest visit to the reserve.

After a heavy snow fall I took a walk around Blawhorn Moss with Jazz the Jack Russel terrier. Not surprisingly the car park was empty under a blanket of fresh snow. Through the gate and onto the path alongside the beech trees carrying a foliage of snow. No one had made use of the bench to take in the view. There were no signs of anyone having been here, only the tracks of deer, foxes and birds could be seen on the path. We followed the single line of a fox track up the path and towards the board walk only stopping for Jazz to look for mice under the snow. On towards the boardwalk with the wind turbines slowly turning and the Ochil hills standing white in the distance. The boardwalk was almost invisible beneath the snow with only the sculptures giving a clue to where it was. Then back retracing our steps as the sun began to disappear in the mist.




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