SRUC Elmwood, visit the reserve

Flanders Moss, NNR

A couple of weeks ago Countryside Management and Environmental National Certificates from SRUC Elmwood visited Flanders Moss to carry out a practical task of constructing a hibernaculum from materials sourced from the reserve.


The hibernaculum is created in a way where the material is tightly packed together, positioned south in a semi open area where the sun mostly lies during the winter months. That way the heat can reach the hibernaculum making a warm and safe environment for the adder to hibernate.



It will take length of time for the raw material to gradually break down for it to become suitable hibernation territory.  It may be 2038 before any adders decide to move in.

Flanders Moss can be a great place to spot an Adder if you are luckily enough to be on the path at the right time. Over the next couple of months we will be keeping an extra eye out for anything basking in the sun, as it’s a sure sign that winter will be drawing to an end.

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