The Lowering Heath

Flanders Moss NNR

Today was the sort of day that reminded me of the dramatic start to Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native (check it out it, it’s worth a read), a different habitat, different part of the country but the same sense of loss of daylight, heavy sky and dark foreboding heath. It was a dark, dark day with the bog in the grip of winter (frost, snow sleet and rain – the full set). A lowering sky and the dark heather embrowning the view. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the reddle man appeared with his cart though he would have found in hard going on the bog.


But despite the the dark day the wildlife was still there: 80 teal, 3 snipe, 50+ red deer and a fox. There is always something to see.


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1 Response to The Lowering Heath

  1. peigimccann says:

    So, David, are you Clym, Damon or Diggory? 😉


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