Just a grey day?

Loch Lomond NNR

Another early start, another stomp down a very muddy land in the dark – it is goose roost counting time again at Loch Lomond NNR. The forecast said a bit of rain, little wind, thick cloud – all signs of it to be a grey day. The early start, the long drive, the frustration of finding camping fisherman had moved geese from the top half of the reserve and the thought of another dull, grey day didn’t help my mood for the start of the day.


But as the day gradually dawned, the swamp came to life and as the geese took to the wing things took a turn for the better. It turned out that geese were still on the south half of the marsh despite the night of disturbance, over 1500 of them of 5 different species (greylag, pink-footed, Canada, Greenland white-fronted and even barnacle). As a backdrop to the main goose event teal, wigeon, curlew, golden plover, barn owl and tawny owl all made themselves heard. But perhaps best of all is that a grey day can actually be quite beautiful. There is grey and grey. Today was a soft pearly grey with wisps and banks of mist wandering across the landscape, silky ripples caressing the loch and a dappled silver sky. A calming start to the day that begged to be savoured.
And even when the sun came out later it was the grey that stuck in the mind. It’s not that sunny days are overated but just that there is still plenty to reward on the grey days aswell so don’t dis the grey but get out and enjoy. The same applies to hair.


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1 Response to Just a grey day?

  1. peigimccann says:

    Lovely moody late winter photos, change is in the air.


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