The BBC comes calling

Flanders Moss NNR

“The BBC wants to film at Flanders” – says our media person.

“Is it Attenborough and Life on Earth?” – says me.

“No, they want to film deer” – says our media person.

“Is it Springwatch and Chris Packham ?” – says me.

“No ” – says our media person

“Autumnwatch?, Winterwatch? even Bogwatch?” says me,

“No, its CBeebies, – Down on the Farm ” they say ” it is a chance to take Flanders Moss to a younger audience!”

And so Jamie Hammond, our resident SNH deer expert and I found ourselves on the Flanders Moss viewing tower for 2 hours in the dark, chilled by an icy wind and in sub-zero temperatures counting deer using the thermal imaging binoculars. It was typical that though we have too many deer on Flanders it was the one night where they seemed thin on the ground but we did find some in the distance, far out on the Moss. The most exciting thing was watching through the thermal imaging kit a short-eared owl hunting in the pitch dark across the moss which was just magic. Finally the right shots were captured before serious frost bite set in and the 4-6 year old audience that will be watching the programme will get to hear about Flanders Moss and its special wildlife for the first time.


Maybe the next phone call will be from Chris Packham or Sir David Attenborough who, having finally realised what fantastic places bogs actually are despite the name have decided they want to come to Flanders to find out more.


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1 Response to The BBC comes calling

  1. Vernon Alexander says:

    I am looking forward to a Spring Bogwatch series with feet up in front of the fire and my favourite amber nectar.
    Love your blog. Keep them coming.
    Vernon Alexander


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