Bog chat – Natural Health Service

Blawhorn Moss NNR


This week we held our first health walk at Blawhorn Moss. We teamed up with Braveheart who run free health walks which aim to support adults of all abilities to become more physically and socially active within the community. So, why health walks? Well, exposure to green space not only allows us to spot wildlife in action, capture breathtaking views, and enjoy fresh air but has also shown to have many restorative effects: recovery from illness, stress relief, a reduction in anger and anxiety and increase feelings of wellbeing, helping maintain overall health in the long run.

So, ably lead by Amee, a group of 27 of us met in Blackridge for a 3 mile circuit that took in Blawhorn and the surrounding landscape. It was pretty chilly so not that much wildlife was seen but we all enjoyed stepping it out in a fine landscape. And there was plenty of chat. Amee filled in the group about why Blawhorn is a nature reserve and what work we are doing there to keep it special. As with the best of walking and talking the chat covered a wide range of subjects. At my end of the walk we talked dogs, Scottish rugby and the mercurial Finn Russell, steam trains, the weather (of course), Manchester United, the Isle of May and knitting groups. Most are my favourite subjects! What’s not to like?



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