Thanks to Amee

Stirling NNRs

We are very sad to lose Amee from the Stirling NNRs. She is moving to work at Loch Leven NNR from April which will be an exciting new challenge for her. For the last year and 3/4 she has been absolutely brilliant to work with on the Stirling NNRs. She came to the team with more keenness than knowledge but has sucked up information from around her, built up an impressive knowledge of the reserves and become an expert in freshwater sponges in the process. She has tackled everything thrown at her with enthusiasm and determination and a slightly suspicious level of enjoyment. And the 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands are not reserves for the fainthearted but she has dealt with the wet, mud, peat and weather with ease. From the first wet foot to the last bonfire Amee has been a pleasure to work with and you can see that from the pictures below, which also capture the amazing range of work, habitats, landscapes and conditions that we  deal with. Thank you Amee.
(SNH has decided that for at least the next year the Stirling NNR team will be just one (me) so apologies if blog posts become slightly fewer or responses slightly slower but I will try my best to keep the flag flying.)



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