Dry feet to the bog – a new Blawhorn path

Blawhorn Moss NNR


Billy Craig, our Blawhorn Moss NNR voluntary warden writes about an improved path with a dry surface that leads from the village of Blackridge all the way to Blawhorn.

With the help of a funding package, the local community council has reinstated the overgrown Millennium Walkway that leads up to Blawhorn Moss from Blackridge. Community councillor, Clark Steele was at the forefront of this project and the work was completed by Millbank Landscaping. 

The walk starts at Langside Drive in Blackridge, EH48 3RP. There are plenty parking spaces in this area and in the surrounding streets. Take the road that leads up to Mathews Crofts and in a short distance you will see a side track that goes through a wooded gate.  This is the start of the path. Continue to follow the path through the trees and it will open out across some moorland towards Blawhorn Wood. Stay on the path until the path reaches a sharp corner, turn left, heading west along the newly formed path. The path gives very good walking under foot and drainage has been added to keep the path from flooding at certain points.  The ditch at the side of the path has also been cleaned which gives the local amphibian population a boost especially at this time of year. Continue along the path through the stand of pine trees and on until the bridge is reached, here the path now joins the main existing track. From here the car park can be accessed and the route can be made circular by heading back down to the main road and returning back to the start point but don’t forget to visit the boardwalk on the moss first, this will give a round distance of approx. 3 miles.

Personally I like to walk up the path, head to the car park, walk around the short red route, round the boardwalk then retrace my steps back to the village. This avoids the road and there is also the chance to see things like this handsome fellow on the boardwalk.


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