Filming Scottish water at Blawhorn

Blawhorn Moss NNR


An interesting group descended on Blawhorn yesterday. It was a film crew making a film for Scottish Water that is to to be used at the summer events like the Royal Highland show.

They needed somewhere to illustrate the benefits of  peatlands to Scottish water quality and where better to show that than the bog on their doorstep, Blawhorn Moss NNR.

As the Director came over the ridge to see the whole site spread in front of him his first words were ‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting this’!

The presenter for this bit of film is a Scottish vlogger Erin Dougan – you can see her short films on Youtube which cover a whole range of topics! As you can probably guess there was no problem finding water: plenty on the ground and also plenty coming from above and umbrellas were required to keep hair looking good and make-up on faces (that is for her not me)! The closest thing to Gene Kelly I have seen on the bog.



So, if you are at shows in the summer and see the Scottish Water stand why not see if you can spot some top Blawhorn Moss NNR scenery in their films.

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