Meet the mossaholics

Flanders Moss NNR

These are the self-named mossaholics (though I prefer to call them the bogaholics). This is P5-7 from Thornhill Primary, the primary school that is only a couple of miles up the road the moss.
This school year they have been working extremely hard on the moss in all weathers, and through the winter, using the boardwalk and viewing tower as an outdoor classroom. They gave themselves the name of mossaholics as they have made so many visits to the moss, and through their application have shown that Flanders Moss is not just a good place to learn about wildlife but also poetry, reading, maths and a whole range of other subjects. And they are also working towards their John Muir Award.

Last week they were investigating life cycles of which pond dipping proved to be the most successful. You can imagine the excitement when they discovered not only the a newly emerged adult 4-spotted chaser, one of the mosses dragonflies but a number of their larva nearly ready to emerge.


Some very close observations were made.

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