Flanders Ospreys – Signs of Hatching?

Flanders Moss NNR

Stirling NNR volunteer Ralph Brook-Fox continues his observations of the osprey nest at Flanders :

It’s hard to be certain, but it seems likely that the first egg has hatched on the osprey nest on the west side of Flanders. Firstly, the last sign of significant activity on the nest was 23 April, everything settled down the next day. Incubation is typically 35 days. Secondly, yesterday evening everything seemed to liven up again. During incubation the pair are normally on the nest simultaneously only for a short period of time to swap places and hand over a fish to be eaten off the nest. However yesterday the male was on the side for much longer, with the female much higher in the nest and plenty of moving around. Odds are the first egg has hatched, and we might expect another one or two at two day intervals. Of course, it will be some time before the youngsters are visible. Last year only one fledged, and typically it may be another six weeks before this happens.


osprey 2

Meanwhile, the neighbours are a couple of weeks behind, but seem to have prepared a winning entry for Gardening Scotland, as well as fending off the corvids camped close by.

osprey 1

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