Blackridge Primary Go Pokemon

Blackridge primary red carpetBlackridge P6 class 2

Blawhorn Moss NNR

It was red carpet time at Blackridge primary last week. The P6 ers have been working on a film for the SNH camera trapping project.

They have had a fantastic time using a trail camera to find out what wildlife is about around their school, at their field trip centre and at Blawhorn Moss NNR. In Pokémon Go style they got points for whatever they discovered. And if it wasn’t for the camera they would never had known that foxes, deer, crows, and jays are all around them, even in the middle of the village.

But this wasn’t just about recording wildlife. The numbers of different animals were statistically analysed to developed maths knowledge, IT skills were used to using the equipment and editing the resulting pictures and film.


They were all photographed for the local paper with Amee from SNH and Sammy from Beechbrae who helped with the project.

Blackridge P6 class 4Amee hood Sammy and 2 pupils

The class were so excited by their project that yesterday the showed a longer version of the film to the rest of the school, their parents and invited guests.  It was a proper film screening with red carpet, bubbly to drink and some classy presentations. This meant that they developed their public speaking skills, writing skills and got a lot of confidence from the  it.  Here is their final film. Enjoy!

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