Grubby, happy people


Flanders Moss NNR

The Thornhill Primary P 5-7’s (the bogaholics) have been at it again. As part of their John Muir award they spent a morning this week building an adder hibernaculum on Flanders.
This was no small undertaking. On a damp, midge infested morning the whole class worked brilliantly as a team, firstly building the walls that hold all of the woody debris in. They then filled the log square with a huge amount of twigs and brash collected from all around, with Laura and Joanna being the chief twig masters organizing the arrangement of the filling. It needed a lot of jumping on to pack it down. They then did some heavy weight lifting to put on top some large logs and finally turfed the roof. The resulting structure will gradually rot down and years from now will offer a safe, warm place for the Flanders’s adder to hibernated.
So if you are walking the path and see a square structure of wood and turf at the east end of the path then you know what it is.
The children seemed to have a great time but I did have to apologise to the minibus driver as building hibernaculum makes you pretty grubby. He said that at least they weren’t as bad as a group of Young Farmers he had to pick up one time after an evening out.  But that is another story.




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