Sundews – from the boardwalk 3

Flanders Moss NNR

If you are taking a walk around the boardwalk a ‘must do’ thing is to look out for the sundew plants. You can see them in any weather but if you get the chance, get down on your hands and knees to take a really close look.  Apart from just looking like some weird bit of sculpture you might also be able to see what they are eating. These plants supplement their diet by catching insects and dissolving them and absorbing the juices for valuable proteins.

They have beautiful little white flowers on long stems coming out of the centre of the rosette of leaves and as you can see from this picture the flowers are very close to being out.

This little cluster of sundew have been working as a team and have caught an unfortunate large red damselfly. I am not sure how much they will be able to use of it but they look like they are giving it a good try.

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