An Island Tour and the World Cup


Loch Lomond NNR

An important part of the ” 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands” empire are the islands. These don’t get visited very often as management is kept at a minimum but a trip out to these Loch Lomond jewels is always a pleasure. This time highlights of a tour round Torrinch, Clairinch and Creinch included:

– a blaeberry bumblebee. These are possibly the most colourful of Scotland’s bumblebees with a bright orange, yellow and black jersey and more usually found in upland situations


– a calling nuthatch on Torrinch. These birds are gradually spreading north into central Scotland so are a rare and notable record in this area. Torrinch must be ideal for them with so much dead wood to feed on and hollow trees to nest in

– a woodcock flushed off Torrinch  – its presence at this time of year must mean that they are breeding on the island or close by. They are declining fast as a breeding bird across the country so every pair counts.

– a few years ago Creinch was badly overgrazed by too many deer on it. They swim backwards and forwards from the mainland. Now however the island is recovering brilliantly with brambles and seedlings shooting up. Soon it will be an impenetrable jungle .

We also continued the control of invasive non- native plants. The rhododendron has very nearly been exterminated from Torinch and Clairinch while the huge bamboo patch on Torrinch is also well on the way to being removed. It is very rewarding to see the recovery of natural habitats after the huge efforts from staff and volunteers alike. This is one of the reasons why we do the job.

And as ever we had to pick up a lot of litter and dumped rubbish even in out of the way wild places like these. We always recycle as much as we can and in this case we were able to re-use. Finn was delighted with his World Cup Adidas telstar 18 football that we found. Perfect timing but not enough to save his team, Australia (supported due to his dingo ancestry).

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