Flanders and the First Minister on film


Flanders Moss NNR

Flanders Moss has recently starred in a short film made by the Scotland Forum of Natural Capital. The film looks at the approach of valuing all of the natural wealth of Scotland and, by valuing it, there stands a better chance of saving it. The First Minister also gets a look in.  Flanders Moss was filmed because it can contribute to the Natural Capital of Scotland through providing a home for rare species, locking up carbon which is important in these times of climate change, offering natural flood-risk management and being a place that people enjoy to visit. In my eyes that makes it priceless.

Whatever your views are on the Natural Capital approach it is well worth a look at the film. It is only about 14 mins long and Flanders appears at about 1:55.

More information here

and to watch the film here



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