Ancient Hedgerows


P1060720P1060706Blawhorn Moss NNR

As you walk out to Blawhorn you might be so focused in taking in the spectacular view across the moss that you might miss the small, stunted twisted hawthorns that sit in lines across the raised mineral ridge of ground. They are small, some are only just alive and look insignificant but they tell a story of the land. These old (maybe a couple of hundreds years old) twisted hawthorns are the remains of hedges that would have divided up the valuable mineral farm ground in the middle of the moss. Next to the path you can see the foundation stones of Little Drumbeg, a small farm where a family lived and farmed the surrounding land. These hedges would have been important in keeping grazing animals off the hay and arable crops in the summer but also would have given sheep and cattle welcome cover in the winter in this bleak and windswept part of the country.

Now they are a piece of living history, a reminder of man’s past connection to the land, and also a valuable nectar source to bog insects when the may blossom is out. I just like the twisted, rugged shapes of them, they are a beauty to behold and have a story to tell. Have a second look if you are passing?


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