1 year a blog



Blawhorn Moss NNR, Loch Lomond NNR and Flanders Moss NNR


The 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands blog is 1 year old today.

It isn’t really a big deal. But these 3 nature reserves are relatively unsexy habitats (bogs and swamps), don’t have really have many iconic species (the bog sun-jumper anyone? – a spider and not some form of wetland summer knitwear) and are mostly fairly inaccessible unless you want to get your feet wet. So this blog is proving to be a good way of bringing the wet places to the people.

And over the last year we have had over 10 000 page views and 5 000 visitors (and they aren’t all my mother). Not much when compared with other high profile reserves with big exciting species but still an encouraging level of interest for these unfashionable habitats.

A few other facts and stats for the year.

The top 3 most popular posts were:

  1. The post about the mess left at Flanders Moss after an unofficial firework party (here).
  2. The post about whales found at Flanders Moss (here)
  3. The farewell post from Amee (here).

We have know reached 44 countries across the world. After the UK, we are big in USA, Ireland, Australia while also reaching Belarus, Slovenia, Japan and South Korea. Coverage in Africa and the Middle East is low and something our marketing team will have to work on.


So just a thank-you to all the people who have taken the time to write posts, we would welcome more guest bloggers is anyone out there fancies having a go – fame and fortune beckons!

We hope you enjoy the next blog year, and please keep sharing and getting the word out there.


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