“I want a body part”….what the bogridge guides had to say.


Blawhorn Moss NNR

Following our holiday nature club sessions I interviewed the children to find out what they enjoyed best (and what they didn’t). These are some of their answers.

What activity did you enjoy the most?

  • Taking photos of all the animals and the things we did,
  • Climbing trees,
  • All of it,
  • Games like bat and moth, hide and tig and dracula,
  • Learning about all the wildlife at Balwhorn and in the Beechbrae pond and things,

What was the worst thing?

  • Climbing the dead tree (scary),
  • Having to be interviewed by you,

What activity at Blawhorn did you enjoy the most?

  • Being a responsible adult (Alex was given this responsibility when they were playing on their own).
  • Pond dipping (in stream next to Blawhorn – also carried out at Beechbrae)

Favourite creature / plant found at?

Blawhorn Moss

  • Bits of a dead bird (!)
  • Butterflies (mainly on walk to and from the Moss),
  • Sundews – sucking midges dry!

Beechbrae (all found in the pond)

  • Leeches,
  • Newt tadpole
  • Ramshorn snails,
  • Big frog (found in fruit cage),

Would you like to lead a guided walk for friends and family around Blawhorn Moss?

After a short pause while the children thought about it there was a tentative yes. When asked what could the children tell their friends and family the ideas started to come. These were mentioned:

  • The story of the steading (remains of farm building in middle of Moss where the Hinshaw family lived)
  • The origin of the word bog meaning soft.
  • Moth trap and moths
  • Bog plants (sundews, heather, rushes, star moss, sphagnum) and their uses.
  • Measuring the depth of peat in the bog with the poles and working out how old it is (1mm of peat grows a year so every 1m is 1000 years of peat deposited).

And finally Emily won the award for quote of the summer, uttered when someone else found a bit of a bird skeleton:  ……Ohhh, I want a body part!



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