Up the river


Loch Lomond NNR

What better way of spending a day than pottering around on a boat. Unless you are the one slogging your way up the riverbank.

We have had very little staff time to put into dealing with the invasive plants at the Loch Lomond reserve this year. But last week we were able to fit in a 1/2 day boat trip to pull the Himalayan balsam along the banks of the Endrick.  But when 1 person was needed to walk the bank to pull what couldn’t be reached from the boat, the dog and I was unanimously voted out of the boat. It was hard, hot work while others just swanned it on the water. But the reward was 800 balsam plants pulled that were going to be missed this year. And a great time spent on a beautiful reserve with loads of wildlife.


An osprey on a convenient perch



Grey heron and below, one of it beautiful feathers.


Buzzard on the watch for prey


Lunch at last. Some of us had worked harder than others!



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