Raptors! – Look up

Flanders Moss NNR


Buzzard – they tend to hunt by finding a perch and then dropping down onto something that might pass underneath.


It has been a great few days for birds of prey across Flanders. The mix of wide open spaces, good nesting and perching trees and rich in prey species means that it is always worth looking out for the spectacular birds. And over the last week red kite, osprey, buzzard, hen harrier and kestrel have all been over the site. And throw in a few ravens as well and it means that if you are visiting the site it is well worth keeping your eyes skyward to see what might be passing over.

Hen harrier 4

Male hen harrier

hen harrier 1

Male hen harrier




2 red kites. A close up view of these birds showed that the top bird had coloured wing tags fitted when it was a chick. Red on left and green on right. The red shows it is a Central Scotland bird (not surprisingly), the green relates to its age – i.e. which year it was born.


Same 2 red kites.

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