Alfresco lunches


Flanders Moss NNR
In SNH there is a corporate order to have a minimum 30 minutes for lunch breaks. When working out on site this is not easy in the cold, driving rain and howling wind and at these times the rule is not often followed (hope my line manager isn’t reading this!).
But on good days in the dry and sun then it is a pleasure to be relished.
Last week when putting in support structures to already installed wood-chip dams which is hard work, lunch time was very welcome.
Food eaten outside always tastes good but when the outside is somewhere like Flanders Moss it is even better. There is always wildlife to see – this lunchtime a red kite was being mugged by 2 crows, skylarks passed overhead burbling as they went, a few lone pinkies (pink footed geese) yelped across the sky, worried about their isolation and looking for a crowd, and loose groups of meadow pipits milled around, constantly pee peeing to stay in touch with their mates. Once you stop moving and start looking there is always something to see.

But it is also a chance to think about the work being done – is it going to plan? – is there a better way of doing it? – what needs doing next? If on your own you can enjoy the peace and quiet and your own thoughts on management planning. But if in a work group then there is gentle chit-chat, a bit of mickey-taking, some information exchange and usually some questions answered. In fact when I think about it these lunch breaks can be pretty hard work, (hope my line manager is reading this!).


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  1. Louis Gibb says:

    you sound like a very happy person – thanks for sharing your thoughts about this special place – I visit when I can

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