Its working…so far!


Flanders Moss NNR

I feel a bit like when I was a kid playing at putting dams in streams and coming back to next day to see what has happened. Since the diggers have been out on the moss I have watching out to see what sort of effect they have had. Luckily since they finished we have had a fair dumping of rain with more to follow so I haven’t had long to wait. And already the under-surface bunds are slowing down the flow of water off the site and bringing the water table up to the surface. The view from the tower gives a fantastic birds-eye view of what areas are wet.


The key to success though is not just if they fill up with water but for how long they hold the water and keep it wet. The hope is that if they stay wet then the vegetation will change from heather to sphagnum and cotton grass and we will get better bog.

This job is quite simple really – just make it wet and bog will follow. A kid could do it.

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