Autumn colours at Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond NNR

Loch Lomond is looking stunning at the moment. It might just be me but it seems to be a spectacular autumn with lots of the trees turning colour at the same time. We took a trip over to the islands that are part of Loch Lomond NNR to tidy up, work on some of the invasive plants and give the boat a good run before taking it out of the water for the winter. Torrinch, Inchcailloch and Clairinsh were looking fabulous. There are some beautiful old trees on Torrinch and there was one we were particularly looking for. But more of that on a blog post tomorrow. P1080285P1080272P1080267P1080251

The woodland on these islands are left to natural process. And one of those natural processes is storms. This tree below was blown over in the past, this is the bottom of the root plate that you are looking at. But the tree hasn’t died but regrown in a different direction, you can see the roots that ended up in the air have grown down to the soil again and trunks are now growing vertically from the old stem. These twisted shapes give more niches for species to live in. P1080265

Non-natural bamboo was introduced to the island a long time ago and has gradually spread smothering out the native plants. over the last few years we have been working to get rid of it but it is tough and there are still a few living plants. So we took the opportunity to treat them with herbicide to try to get rid of it. Encouragingly in the area where the bamboo was tree seedlings are starting to appear.

But you can see for yourself by getting a boat from the Balmaha boatyard to visit Inchcailloch (info. here and here) or take a boat from Luss around the islands (info. here).


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