Wobbling on Black Moss, Armadale


Blawhorn Moss NNR

On Friday I headed out with a newly formed group of keen youngsters working to learn about and improve their local surroundings.

Folk in Armadale are lucky in having a small and rather nice little bog right next to their town – Black Moss, part of the Black Moss Nature Park.  And now there is a small after-school group of young people, some from the Bogridge guides, who with the help of community youth workers and Beechbrae are getting stuck in,……. literally at times.


Friday was all about getting to know Black Moss so we went out onto the bog and using some of our Blawhorn Moss NNR knowledge we:

  1. Wobbled on the bog – after all we were standing on what is like a giant jelly,
  2. Found out how deep the jelly (bog) was . To do this we pushed connecting metal rods into the peat and counted the lengths until we hit firm ground – 3.5m in that particular bit on the edge of the moss – I needed a bit of help to pull the rods back out again.
  3. Found and squeezed some sphagnum moss. Sphagnum is the most important plants of the moss as it holds water like a sponge so keeping it wet. This spongy character is why in the past it had a very important use – as nappies!
  4. Cleared a part of the some of the saplings that are spreading across the moss. If left this can dry out the moss and shade out the sphagnum moss so drying out the bog.

As if that wasn’t enough the group also litter picked the area on the way to the bog.


It is great to see this group really enjoy themselves out on the moss, helping to make their local area look better and learn a bit as well. They were great fun.

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1 Response to Wobbling on Black Moss, Armadale

  1. Claire Carbray says:

    West Lothian Council
    Community Learning and Development – Youth services are delighted to be in partnership with the HUB and Beech Brae with the 18 young people involved. The young people are aiming for the ‘Me and my world’ part of their Jass award – Bronze levelling. Their enthusiasm on Friday afternoons come hail, rain or shine is unquestionable and we should achieve this part of the award with ease! Well done to all young people, staff, volunteers and all involved. Thanks also to David for his interesting and fact full information about the world around us! Armadale is full of amazing young people who care about where they live! Claire Carbray CLD Youth Services

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