Storm changes osprey residence

Flanders Moss NNR

Ralph Brook-Fox, our resident Flanders Moss osprey watcher and volunteer has reported back on some changed that Storm Ali has made in September to the Flanders ospreys residence.

Close to the nest is a tall, dead conifer that was a favourite resting and look-out spot for the birds. Here they are using it this summer.
osprey nest 1

But Storm Ali has snapped off the top so removing some favourite perches.
osprey nest 2

And the nest is precariously wedged in the very top of a huge conifer. It looks like it wouldn’t take more than a puff of air to bring it down.
osprey 2

But Storm Ali didn’t actually blow it down but the nest has  taken a bit of a beating, having lost perhaps a foot of branches around the outside at the top, with the cosy interior nesting material now on clear view.osprey nest 3

We hope the changes aren’t enough to put off the birds when they come back in April and they will be back again to breed. But there is still a long, storm -filled, snow-laded winter still to come.

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