Dog poo rant

Flanders Moss NNR


The vegetation is dying back and so it is a good time to get round the site to pick up rubbish that thoughtless and lazy people have thrown away  while visiting Flanders.

But as well as the usual rubbish I came across an extra little present, 13 bags of dog poos all thrown into the bracken close to the path.  The bags are all the same type so I can only assume that it is the same person who has done this…..13 times.

Who in their right mind would take their dog to a nature reserve because it is a nice place to visit, bring a poo bag when walking their dog, warm their hands clearing up after their dog but then after doing the difficult bit instead of taking it home and disposing it they thrown it into the undergrowth of the beautiful site they decided to visit….13 times. ….13 times!!!

So they have now made a nice little package of organic matter and wrapped it in plastic that will take over 100 years to break down and dumped this onto a nature reserve close to where others are enjoying the site……..13 times. What were they thinking?

Just to be clear, it is an offence not to clear up after you dog and it is an offence to throw litter.

In this job I meet many fantastic people, many of who love the nature reserves we manage and go to great lengths to look after them but there are times when I just don’t understand the behaviour some of the people that visit.

End of rant.

And below new signs we have had to put up (sigh).


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1 Response to Dog poo rant

  1. David McCulloch says:

    Maybe the same person I saw a few months ago repeatedly throwing a stick into the bog for his dug to fetch! It was a big golden lab or retriever, and all that splashing through the bog can’t have been good for the delicate sundews. Why anyone would throw plastic bags into the bracken is mystifying.

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