My own personal rain cloud


Flanders Moss NNR

There are times in this job when it feels like I have my own personal rain cloud. As I head out on site it starts raining and shortly after returning to the office it stops. I think that it must hang around the front door waiting for me. As a bog manager this can be a pretty useful super power but it can be a little wearing and means not many others want to accompany me on site visits.

But today it must have been looking the other way as I escaped out to Flanders in the dry. As I meandered my way round the Moss doing the hydrological monitoring over a 6 hour period it felt like my rain cloud was searching for me. Everywhere around was getting wet, to the north it was as black as a hat and monster clouds stalked the Carse but I stayed dry for the whole day. It made for a stunning backdrop. As I drove back towards Stirling the first drops hit the windscreen but by then it didn’t matter. Result.

Of course it means that next time I go out I am really going to cop it though.



Just before it finally started to rain





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1 Response to My own personal rain cloud

  1. Ladylanders says:

    I agree – I was on the carse at the same time, out charging up a vehicle’s battery – and the black skies were incredible. Mazarine blue, leaden grey, almost black skies loomed with bright sunlight in the foreground highlighting trees and kirk steeples making for a phenomenal contrast. Geese, swans and gulls were swirling around, their startlingly white wings twinkling against the dark backdrop made your eyes blink.

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