Get de-stressed, it’s bird time.

Flanders Moss NNR


If your working day involves the stresses involved with austerity cuts or gradually diminishing teams and impossible work loads then what you need is a bird survey.

It’s like a free mindfulness session, completely in the moment, with full focus and concetration required, out in the midst of nature and feeling the weather around you. The peace and silence, colours and shapes, the wet and the windy weather; it can be the perfect antidote for you.

At Flanders yesterday the latest hen harrier roost survey meant 1 1/2 hours standing on the viewing tower in a bitter north-east wind and only a few showers as it darker and colder. No hen harriers were seen but it was magical and fulfilling with only myself, a wren and a group of fieldfares on the moss.

The BTO have a whole range of surveys for people of a range of skills and abilities that you can sign up for here (though other survey providers are available!). They even do training to build up your bird id skills.So why not give it a go?

It worked for me.


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