Taking the bogs to the people 2

EEcocoLIFE conference

Flanders Moss NNR

If people can’t visit the bogs then we are quite happy to take the bogs to the people. And we do this quite a lot and to all sorts of audiences.

Last week I got the opportunity to talk a room full of other professionals who are out there delivering conservation projects on the ground at the EcoCoLIFE conference. This was the end of project conference for the LIFE (European) funded project that is all about joining up nature across Central Scotland (more here). At Flanders Moss we have been using EcoCoLIFE money to join up bits of bog habitat by restoring the damaged bits in between. We were able to use some exotic sounding innovative techniques such as building wood chip dams, flipping stumps and deep trench bunding to bring back the bog habitat while at the same time this work helps to mitigate climate change by locking up carbon and reduce local flooding by slowing down the flow of water off the moss.

Ecocolife conf 2ecocolife conference

It was also a chance for me to hear about other exciting work across central Scotland where habitats were being restored such as bringing back salt marshes, restoring wetlands and involving people. Most of these projects seemed to involve diggers and heavy plant (including Flanders Moss) so in retrospect the whole project could have been called diggers-r-us. Maybe that could be the name for the next one.


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