Christmas tree cutting on Flanders Moss


Flanders Moss NNR

An opportunity to spend the day on Flanders Moss cutting invading pine scrub and keeping one as a Christmas tree was offered to SNH staff and volunteers alike with the message below:

Well it is that time of year again.  Flanders Moss Christmas tree time. 

Last year’s work party is now forgotten, time has helped to erase the memory of the biblical weather (rain not temperature), the cases of  the trench foot have fully cleared up and the counselling really helped.   

So is anyone interested in spending some time out on Flanders Moss NNR cutting pine regen and picking the best for your very own free, sustainable, greenest-ever Christmas tree?

You can then spend Christmas looking at a bit of Flanders Moss in the corner of your living room and feeling smug and 1-up on your neighbours.

Of course you can shell out large amounts of money on a wildlife unfriendly imported species of tree, or a plastic one hated by David Attenborough but if you do, will you be able to sleep at night?

 And I can promise a work out that would make Jane Fonda sweat (ask your Grandparents) and a chance to visit a bit of quality bog very few people get to (there is a good reason for that). 

So if interested the date is Mon 10 December  you will need wellies, full waterproofs, lunch, drinks etc. and we will provide gloves, hand tools, snorkel, flippers etc.

Maybe I exaggerated the toughness of the task a bit too much but despite this 6 keen staff and volunteers ventured out last Monday in glorious sun and had a wonderful day tending the moss and getting into the Christmas spirit. Red kites and ravens kept watch and a fox vacated the vicinity as we came on the site.



Everyone contributed to the scrub clearing.


Some people tackled big trees.

Exercise, improved mental health, mince pies, a free environmentally friendly Christmas tree and a warm feeling from contributing to the restoration of a special site. Fantastic. Many thanks to Kenny, Mary, Tom, John, Ralph, Finn and David.




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  1. frejatravels says:

    Even the dog gives a helping hand:)

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