Signs of a very early Spring

Flanders Moss NNR


It is looking like it will be a very different spring to last year’s very late one.

A visit to Flanders will show you that things are starting to happen. Yesterday there were signs that the seasons are changing. Ghosting its way across the open Moss was one of our winter visitors, a beautiful male hen harrier, and flushed from a peat pool was another, a jack snipe. But in the fringe woodland close to the boardwalk Andrew Watterson, our resident birdwatcher found a very early summer visitor, a common redstart, singing and looking for a mate. This one is about 5 weeks early as they don’t normally arrive at Flanders until April. It is not often that these winter and summer birds share the moss together.

Looking around Flanders you will be able to see signs of nature changing pace.

The first cotton grass flowers are just starting to appear.


Listen for the robins singing from the woodland around the edge of the moss, like this one.


The first of the willow buds are bursting: pussy willow is a very welcome sight in early spring.


And the local buzzards are on the wing. This one wasn’t being very active as it had a full crop having just stuffed itself with a meal. But look up and you might see them circling and displaying as they pair up and hold territories.


Why not take a visit and see what you can find?


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