Mouse munchers revealed

Flanders Moss NNR

Tawny owls are a bird that just about everyone knows. They have had a starring role in children’s books for many years so we are familiar with them from an early age. But most tawny owl action happens under the cover of darkness so apart from their distinctive call we don’t know as much about their ecology or population as other species.
But they are present on Flanders and Andrew Watterson, our resident bird watcher managed to recently capture a short bit of film of a tawny owl reducing the rodent population on Flanders.

To find out more about tawny owls across the country the British Trust for Ornithology are running a survey that everyone can take part in.
Details of the tawny owl call survey can be found here .
Even if you don’t take part in the survey you can listen on this link to find out the difference between the male hooting call and the female keewicking call.

A more detailed survey was carried our last year, the tawny owl point survey, and the results of it can be found here 

Breeding bird surveys across the country are showing a suggestion of a recent decline so it is all the more important to find out what is happening with these birds so we can all continue to enjoy these enigmatic night noise makers.

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